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We are an international audiovisual production company that specialises in making programs with wide global appeal.

We care about the programs we produce and understand the challenges the productions face. We have strong relationships with acclaimed writers, directors and actors across Europe and the United States.
We know how to secure a viable finance plan, bringing together different kinds of financing and equity.


follow link source link SOUL (4K) Berlinale Culinary 2017 Opening Film

how much is generic viagra in usa DIRECTORS: JOSE ANTONIO BLANCO & ANGEL PARRA

The Three  Michelin  Star honor  is  the  line between haute cuisine and the rest.

In this ruling class there are different ways of  approaching  cuisine,  which  allow  us   to  discover spiritual and culinary contrasts.

Two  opposite  ways  of understanding cuisine, certified by three Michelin stars,  embodied  by young Eneko  Atxa (39),  portraying  vanguard,  and  by elderly Jiro Ono (91), portraying tradition.



MUSICA MAESTROS (HD) Music Day Filmfest 2014


Have you ever used music to feel better?
In this emotional and inspiring film you will take a ride to the amazing world of music therapy through the eyes of a group of four people with intellectual disability who play drums, of an old lady diagnosed with Alzheimer, of a teenager with developmental delay, of some elderly with Parkinson disease and of a man during his last days of life. A personal film with universal relevance.